Wuttke Institute & the FocusBand

focusband and wuttke institute works together for an in home neurofeedback systemThe Wuttke Institute is currently working with FocusBand to develop new and exciting tools to expand the reach of Neurofeedback beyond the clinical environment and into the home, field and workplace. In Motion EEG™ Brainwave training

The Wuttke Institute is currently using the FocusBand for In Motion EEG™ Brainwave training in response to the ever-increasing market for on-the-go and at home brain training.

The Wuttke Institute EEG guided custom protocols will help support their clients to continue and deepen the work when they are at a distance or at home.

FocusBand empowers the user to achieve a more desirable mental state by using the real-time Avatar and Neurofeedback tools. It will guide the user through the process on how to control and reduce stress and cognitive anxiety in minutes.

The FocusBand is also revolutionizing the way athletes approach their sports with brain training Performance Apps, allowing them to see how their mental state affects their game and how to improve it.

Henry Boulton from FocusBand is working with the Wuttke Institute to assist with integrating the two technologies

For more information about FocusBand, and to stay updated on the ongoing collaboration, please visit:

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