“Try Out” the FocusBand App for FREE

Focusband app Options page shows Brain training apps guideThe FREE FocusBand App has a Simulator which can be used for training and evaluating initially without the FocusBand Headband. Brain signals are simulated internally which covers the majority of the Apps functionality. Most of us like to try out an App to see if we can use it.

Ironically using the Simulator along with the Getting Started instructions is the quickest way to get to know what the the FocusBand is all about.

With the included “Simulator” you can work your way through the Options page

FocusBand App Quick settings shows Brain training apps quick guideWhat you can “Try out”

  1. Breathing – set your inhale/exhale rhythm
  2. Learn how to set the BaseLine
  3. Learn about Mushin & Quiet Eye and how they are used in the preshot routine
  4. Learn how to use the NeuroCombine
  5. Learn about the Stats & reporting
  6. Learn about the options and when to use them
  7. Learn how to configure your personalised music and avatar
  8. Learn what the Quick Settings

The FocusBand App is available for FREE from the
App stores. Search for “focusband” all one word

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