In today’s fast and hectic world, stress has become a common phenomenon in everybody’s life. It can be defined as the way one feels and reacts while dealing with pressures and challenges. One can also experience stress at school, within relationships or at the workplace. People may also be stressed while they try to cope up with either financial or health-related matters. There can be an enormous variation while responding to stress from individual to individual. For some people being stressed can actually be a motivating factor in their lives. The feeling is known as stress where a person strives to work even harder and is more focused. For other people, stress can restrict his or her focus and increase mistakes.

Anxiety can be reduced by NeuroFeedback brain training headset

There are stressed people who may even go through more aggravating consequences. Such a stressful situation is at times referred to as distress. Stress is caused due to the formation of stress hormones in excessive quantity. A human being’s central nervous system gets activated while going through pressure that makes the body generate stress hormones as a natural flight or fight response. Such a response has been specially designed for preparing human bodies physically or mentally for danger.

Typically, the stress hormones’ level gets stabilized once again after the pressure is no more. However, if the pressures are very high to deal with or there is persistent pressure, they can generate many psychical and mental symptoms. In situations like these, stress may have a big impact on the behaviors, thoughts, emotions, sleeping patterns and appetite of the affected person.

Neurofeedback can help in lowering the stress level in two different ways.

• Firstly it can help in alleviating the signs of stress.
• Secondly, it can help in training the brain to deal with the stress in a better manner so that such symptoms can be avoided.

Poor breathing raises the left brain frequencies that produces stress chemicals which affects the body in many adverse ways including diseases, stress, anxiety and “choking” in sports.

The FocusBand’s Performance App Breathing page is used to train and validate an ideal breathing technique. Quality breathing lowers your brain frequency into the Mushin state of calmness, which in turn produces happy & performance chemicals that controls the body.

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