Is quality Breathing important for health & performance?

Quality breathing is essential for good health and performance which this blog is intended as a basic introduction to the principle.

FocusBand Brain Training apps for quality breathing

Most of us don’t think about our pattern of breathing because it’s automatic, and unconsciously we all continue to breathe due to our autonomic nervous system. But to what extent do we truly give ourselves what our bodies need for optimum health & performance?

It’s unrecognized by many, that the importance of maintaining health & performance is directly related to the quality of our breathing.

The FocusBand’s Performance App Breathing page is used to train & validate an ideal breathing:

  1. Style – Diaphragm or Chest
  2. Rhythm – Exhale/Inhale ratio
  3. Rate – Breathing Speed

Quality breathing lowers your brain frequency and into the Mushin state of calmness, which in turn produces happy & performance chemicals that controls the body.

Poor breathing raises the left brain frequencies that produces stress chemicals which affects the body in many adverse ways including diseases, stress, anxiety and “choking” in sports.

Training our breath is a skill and like all skills, needs to learned & trained. With repeated efforts, over time, we can retrain our muscles and automatic responses through breathing exercises to have a direct influence on our body’s total health

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