FocusBand Integration Highlights Myelinator™ Summit At Olympia Fields

FocusBand Performance App integrate with Myelinator.Olympia Fields, IL (July 10, 2017) – The BioSwing Dynamics™/Myelinator™ Summit will be held at famed Olympia Fields CC, south of Chicago, on July 31st and August 1st, and will provide important insights for future thinking, business-minded Golf Instructors to learn about this game-changing opportunity and to be at the forefront of what Own My Swing Founder, Howard Reisman, calls ‘Instruction Disruption’. The BioSwing Dynamics™/Myelinator™ ‘Instruction Disruption’ Platform includes integration of Myelinator™, FocusBand™ and Smart2Move Force Plate technologies together with PRO/Share™, an innovative leveraged revenue generating business model. (

“The secret to performance resides in our ability to access or motor skill memories through the correct state of mind. What is commonly called muscle memory isn’t what it is all cracked up to be! Disrupt the state of mind and muscle memory has no meaning. The fact is, we either access our motor skill memories through proper focus, or we fail to perform the desired skill. The way we learn our skills also has a real impact on how well we can access the skills. The Myelinator™ provides deep learning which makes accessing the skills easier, and Focusband™ trains us to experience the state of mind that is most effective for accessing our motor skill memories. Together they create a powerful platform for training and performance,” says E.A. Tischler Director of Instruction at Olympia Fields and BioSwing Dynamics™/Myelinator™ Summit host. The Myelinator™ is a brain-centric training device, using biofeedback, designed specifically to ‘myelinate’ the golf swing. It utilizes a 3D sensor system that allows instructors to capture the student’s “Swing Form” through identifying optimal positions for the student to swing through. What that means for the golfer, as Tischler states, “They will be practicing perfectly! Why, because the Myelinator™ guarantees the instructor programs each “Swing Form” he or she wants the student to train, and then the system doesn’t allow the student to progress without training with the program ‘Perfectly!’ Additionally, The BioSwing Dynamics/Myelinator™ dramatically cuts down the amount of time it takes for improvement to be realized!”

“Now integrating FocusBand brain training headset integrate with BioSwing Dynamics/Myelinator™ enhances the NeuroPerformance process. We are now training both the cognitive and physical skills together. Compelling research shows, this is the most effective method to train an athlete for consistent & sustained performance” stated Graham Boulton, co-inventor along with his son Henry Boulton, of FocusBand™ a wearable brain-sensing headset, used by many elite players on the PGA Tour, PGA Tour Champions and other tours around the world. More specifically it a neurofeedback device that allows the golfer to become aware whether, or not, they are in right state of mind for optimal performance. The integration of the FocusBand™ with BioSwing Dynamics/Myelinator™ allows the student to experience even deeper levels of learning.

The Summit will feature Five BioSwing Dynamics/Myelinator™ Academy units, each with integrated FocusBand™ to be used during hands-on sessions for Summit attendees, allowing them the opportunity to experience the process of Myelination. In addition, on Day 2 of the Summit instructors will have the option to earn a BioSwing Dynamics/Myelinator Accreditation and actually leave with a unit.

With the BioSwing Dynamics™/MyelinatorCloud™, each and every student’s swing is personalized and becomes mobile for the first time ever, resulting in the ability for students to train with any Certified BioSwing Dynamics/Myelinator Coach, or with any Myelinator location, worldwide. The powerful BioSwing Dynamics™/Myelinator™ Ecosystem and innovative PRO/Share™ business model provides a game-changing platform for instructors and students alike! (

Now is the time to get involved! Save the dates for The BioSwing Dynamics™/Myelinator™ Summit and schedule your trip to Olympia Fields CC for July 31st and August 1st, the future begins now!

About Own My Swing
Own My Swing delivers disruptive brain-centric products and services enabling serious golfers to finally ownership of their golf game. World-class engineers, programmers, PGA Tour-level performance and biomechanics coaches have designed Own My Swing’s products, including Myelinator™ /Home, Myelinator™ Myelinator™/Academy, MyelinationStation™ and Myelinator/TOUR. For more information visit or call 866-456-6543 Ext 101

Cost of the Summit is $175 per person. For more information please email or call 310-387-4149.

Howard Reisman, Own My Swing 310-387-4149

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