Performance Anxiety

People who suffer from performance anxiety are frequently stressed out and get easily exhausted. There are some who cannot even focus because of their internal concentration. Performance anxiety can be detected quite easily when a person appears to be nervous and fidgety. There are cases though when some people though going through performance anxiety may look calm outwardly. However, brains of these people are never calm. In fact, there is no end to their thoughts. There could be internal chatter on a continuous basis, which may even rob them from their existing quality of life and disrupt their sleep. These people do not dwell in present. Rather they are always worrying about what will happen in the future or live in their past.

The most effective and appropriate solution is to help such people become quiet or calm. When they learn how to reduce their performance anxiety, there is a big hope that they will be able to be in charge of their lives going forward. EEG Neurofeedback and Biofeedback are a couple of fastest techniques that teach people how to help themselves. The good news is that people can easily learn these techniques. They are time-tested technologies and have been applied for several years with proven and solid outcomes. It is correct that people can pick up how to lower their performance anxiety while being calmer with neurofeedback.

FocusBand NeuroLife for Performance Anxiety and Stress

Brain training or Neurofeedback is a scientific way to train the human brain. The technique uses visual as well as sound signals for training a brain so that people are able to think in a more independent and productive manner. Once this starts happening, there is an improvement in functions like balance and memory.

Neurofeedback may also have a global impact on improving certain other functions of the brain, like cognitive flexibility and memory. For instance, techniques of brain training are often used by well-known athletes and Olympic teams for improving their performance.

The FocusBand uses Neurofeedback to measure brain activity, with three woven sensors that are sewn into the Headband. The headset processes the signal and transfers the data to a mobile device via bluetooth. Then the result is shown via an avatar using the FocusBand Brain Training App. The Focusband brain sensing headset is based on Neurofeedback and is the one of the best know methods to regulate the brain.

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