The Relationship between Stress and Anxiety, and how Meditation may Resolve the State

An anxious state of mind is not a pleasant mental state to find yourself in. Whether it be social anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, or any of the other variations of anxiety, they create a constant state of fear and helplessness in the affected individual. The relationship between stress and anxiety is especially interesting, in that they feed off of each other and create a self destructive cycle that works to make the anxious person suffer even more. Take for example, an individual with obsessive compulsive disorder who is anxious because on the way to work, they suddenly had the thought that they may have left open their front door. With the way unconscious habits operate, this is unlikely to be true. Yet they feel extreme stress and want to go home and check. Should they go home, they would be late for work and this creates further stress. It does not matter if they go home or to work, the anxiety and stress will continue to haunt them. Continue reading to see how Meditation helps anxiety and stress.

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• Practicing mindfulness meditation has been shown to be effective in controlling stress and anxiety. By constantly focusing on the present, the individual is aware of what is happening to them and less likely to fall prey to subconscious thought pattern.

• The physical rhythms associated with meditation, specifically the breathing techniques calm down the body and prevent stress from taking over.

• Meditating for just five minutes a day can produce a marked difference in controlling stress and anxiety.

• Mindfulness is a great tool, which if practiced throughout the day can work to alleviate stress and reduce anxiety.

• Even a simple act such as brushing your teeth can turn into a mindful experience where you feel each sensation, distracting yourself from unhealthy thought patterns until there is a permanent change in perspective.

The meditation sessions using the FocusBand Meditation App, enables you to reduce the inner voice chatter and calm the mind, so that you draw from the power inside of you. and less, from outside of you. We have incredible strength in our mind and in our own bodies

The FocusBand will let you access that strength, so that you are able to handle any difficulties, or challenges, that life has to offer.

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