Depression and its Interactions with Meditation

Depression is a disorder that has the potential to destroy lives. Those suffering from the condition may lose the will to live, stop taking care of themselves and withdraw from society. Suicide is also attempted by those with depression, in fact, they are at a greater risk of ending their lives. Isolated, unsure of what is happening to them and yet unwilling to resolve the issue by virtue of their mental state – depression is an enemy that sticks close to your side, pretending to be your friend. For those suffering from this condition, every new day is a struggle to survive, simple getting out of bed can prove to be a huge challenge. Depending on the severity of the depression, the individual may completely isolate themselves, even from their loved ones.

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While there is a neurological element associated with the condition that can be resolved with medication, therapy may still be required. However, meditation opens interesting new pathways into resolving the issue, which, in conjunction with professional help, can lead to a complete recovery.

• A study by the research team at the University of Montreal, along with other studies, all indicate that meditation can increase the presence of the neurotransmitters serotonin and Norepinephrine in the brain.

• A study conducted by Harvard Neuroscientists by examining the brains of people who practice meditation before and once eight weeks of mindfulness lessons ended, had interesting findings. After the course, the main center of depression, the amygdala had shrunk in size and had also become less active electrically.

• By being aware of each moment and casually detaching yourself from perilous thoughts, the negative thought patterns that depression feeds off of are made to disappear.

• Regular meditation, even for just five minutes a day, can make you calmer, more alert and increase your energy levels.

The FocusBand Brain Training System and Mental Energy Tank (MET) are used for meditation. The MET measures the time you have been in a calm state compared to when you have been interrupted or when your thoughts have strayed. The MET reporting will highlight your progress over a period of time. Contact us to know how the FocusBand works.

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