Neurofeedback – What Is It?

Neurofeedback Brain Training Headset eeg explained in a gif animation

Your brain activity controls and determines everything that you do and feel. Most of us have normal or close to normal brain function that allows us to perform our daily activities properly. But some people have imbalances in their brain or chronic emotions that interfere with their day to day lives. Here is where neurofeedback comes in.

Neurofeedback can help alter and regularize imbalanced brain function and help bring it back to normal. It helps to train the brain and control brain activity. Neurofeedback is also known as biofeedback for the brain. But first, let us learn a little more about brainwaves. Brainwaves are nothing but the electrical impulses that are produced as the brain cells communicate with each other. Brainwaves determine how you function and feel. They determine your moods and mood changes, stress levels, habits and identify your overall brain functioning.

Clinicians can measure and monitor your brainwave activity by fixing sensors onto your scalp. Using brain analysis software, they can determine the exact brain activities that are causing your symptoms. Once the areas of concern are known, a plan is drawn out to bring your brain back into an efficient and comfortable state. And this cycle takes us back to neurofeedback.

A neurofeedback therapy session would involve studying what your brain is actually doing and comparing it with what you would like your brain to do. When your brain is reaching a more positive, happy and comfortable state the positive response can be seen on the computer monitor and this response that is shown on the computer screen is nothing but your brains neurofeedback. This kind of neurofeedback is usually in the form of an Avatar with with audible and visual feedback. All these activities stimulate the brain waves and cause the brain to either feel positive or negative and do positive or negative acts accordingly otherwise known as neurofeedback.

The Focusband brain sensing headset is based on neurofeedback and is the one of the best know methods to regulate the brain.

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