FocusBand Co-Founder Henry Boulton’s Podcast Interview with Steve Riggs

Henry Boulton recently has done a podcast interview with Steve Riggs of The Lesson Tree about how in motion technology is changing lives. Listen to the full interview -> CLICK HERE

Below is the Summary:

When The FocusBand Was Born and How Many Tour Players Are Using It

Henry mentioned that there are 15 athletes using the FocusBand when he was asked by Steve as to how many tour players are using the FocusBand. Henry also mentioned that they have done work with Autralian Tour, Japanese and European tour. They started working on the FocusBand back then when they are training Japanese Tour players who are doing well physically and technically almost ideal in sleep, nutrition, everything was great. In their practice round they are awesome but when it comes to the tournament, they were missing cuts and not performing to the level that they could play. So Henry and his father Graham obviously knew that there is something wrong with the process and back there is nothing really out there that can measure the brain, nothing really that can make a difference so that is when they started building the FocusBand in 2009. That is when the FocusBand was born. From there they developed algorithms called Mushin which is when you get into that right brain state and that is your ideal brain performance state.

FocusBand Brain Sensing Headband in motion used in sports for sustained performance

How does the FocusBand work

The objective of the FocusBand is to get the player out of thinking too much. It can get them into a flow state and you can become your most athletic self. The big point of different is that FocusBand is an in-motion EEG. Traditionally you weren’t able to use EEG while you are moving. They have eliminated the noise to get a clean data and see what was happening inside the athlete’s head, whether it be golf, tennis, baseball doesn’t matter what sports. We can see what was happening in their head in real time with the FocusBand. The FocusBand is under the category IMEEG which means In-Motion EEG that you can wear while you are moving and that separates the FocusBand from the competition

Henry also explains that to change the result, you have to get the process right then you can start changing the belief system. They are able to close the loop PROCESS – RESULTS – BELIEF

Golf Problems and How FocusBand  Can Help

The biggest thing in golf is we are never been able to map out exactly what your brain and eye are doing. It was always hit and miss. Some things works, some things didn’t work. With the FocusBand Golf NeuroSkill Blueprint that the FocusBand Team developed, they mapped out the whole shot routine where you can now know:

  • When you should be using the right brain,
  • When you should be using the left brain

That is a right time towards the routine.

You are not always in Flow. When you arrive at the pole obviously you want to get back to the Flow state. So usually what happens is you get 3 putts at the last or you get a dirty putt, you walked to the next tee and you might be too pumped up or you might be too angry from the last shot. You gotta be able to get back to a neutral mind state to get rid of that. From there you start your data gathering, vision making which are done by the left brain. Big trouble golfers have is how do you get out of that conscious thinking state back into the flow state. That is the magic point. We simply ask “What would a good shot look like?” and that’s the Que for your brain to go “Okay, I got all the data now I’m gonna use my imagination to create that shot in my mind. Visually you will start to see that shot happening inside your mind and create the sensation to your body to hit that shot. The goal from there is you are now in the Flow State which all you have to do from there is be able to walk in look out, look back and hit the shot.

After breaking down the blockages, Henry mentioned that to stay in The Zone, you need to keep your awareness ahead of your eyes throughout that routine. That helps you stay in the moment, in the zone or what is call Mushin.

Another component for being in The Zone is the Quiet Eye. Quiet Eye was a term that Joan Vickers created. She did a whole research on professional athletes and all sports and she worked out just before they adapt to tennis, basketball. They all have this ability to stabilize the eyes on an object. Combination of being in the right brain state first and then Quiet Eye second, that’s when you have Peak Performance State. It’s a combination of being in ideal state first, in the zone, Mushin and getting Quiet eye second.

Why Seeing A Real Time Feedback Can Be Helpful

The big thing is your brain self regulates. With NeuroFeedback, the brain lets you adjust. Once it’s known that it is rewarded when it’s in the ideal state, on the avatar it turns green and with the music will turn on on. When you are not in the ideal state the avatar will light up red and there would be no music. The brain learns to self adjust very quickly and it’s actually an involuntary movement, an involuntary system that happens in your body. Some people needs to go deep into Mushin and some people are very relaxed that they need to come up a little bit. We have that ability to personally adapt to your brain state.

How The FocusBand Gather Session Results

Henry and the team developed the myfocusband Cloud. All the apps synchronized back to the cloud. Doesn’t matter what application you are using. The NeuroSkill golf app for the golf shot routine. Maybe you do Yoga as well, the Yoga reports go up to the Cloud so you can start to track your brain performance whatever application you are using it will all go back into one location which is ideal for corporate and college golf team. They start tracking how is this brain training that we are doing, how is that implementing performance, are we shooting better scores, are our business working productively

It has the ability to have a subjective input. You can start to match up are my subjective measurement matching my objective measurement. You may start to see that maybe it is your belief system that is holding your back from the beginning further in your performance so you mood might be determining the rest of your day.

FocusBand Future Projects

1. QualiaOS – Qualia means awareness of experience and the OS is Operating System. Henry mentioned that combined them together and that exciting platform will be coming out very soon. It applies to any rotational sports. The background to that is the NeuroPhysiological training. The Neuro, which is the FocusBand and combined to Physiological, the physical training. They have realize that NeuroPhysiological training can accelerate the learning with almost up to 10x, normal is 1000 reps but when you are using the NeuroFeedback, the FocusBand, you can get that down into 100-150 reps depending on how fast you learn.

2. Group Flow – What we can do now is we can have multiple FocusBands at once in a group. For instance we are doing a boardroom meeting, before we all start, everyone must need to be in Mushin together so we are all in the same frequency. When that happens it will turn the lightbulb on the screen and the music turns on. Everybody will be seems to by in sync. The oneness of the navy seal when they work as a team is about that they become one, they become a unit. That is the same in the corporate environment. When the oneness happens in a team that’s when most progress and most productivity. That is what a team is looking for.

3. Beyond Performance – Combining experts in all different fields. The physical part, the nutrition, the functional strength and then the brain performance side.

4. Marty Wuttke – Henry mention that he started doing some work with the youth with ADHD, with attention issues. We are developing a platform for that specifically because a lot of these problems are electrical issues that we can help fix using the FocusBand in conjunction with the other medication. The idea is we can help them retrain their brain at that early level and hopefully we can help them throughout their lives so they won’t need medication

5. Parkinson’s Disease–  The top part of your brain, the neo-cortex, the electrical part of the brain. That is the FocusBand works on. If you get that part of your brain functioning, the next part down is the limbic system and that is where your emotional brain is. If your electrical brain is firing too much from peripheral cortex then you tend to have a lot of stress anxiety, mood swings, you get angry. It extends from over active electrical brain. NeuroFeedback allows you to train electrical brain so you can reduce your emotions.

What happens in the past is Parkinsons knows scientifically that exercise helps and they also understands that NeuroFeedback helps as well. No one has put it together, so we put the Neuro and the Physiological together. The platform is NBT for short. The first round of testing has been amazing. They have a goal that stands for UPTRS. What they do is they measure 120 patients. 0 being ok. One of the 1st client we run through start up at 21 and within 4 weeks he was down to 7. We know that this works and it’s all objective measurement. With the objective training that we are doing with the feedback.

Tom House as actually Parkinsons and that’s the reason why we started it. How we can help so that at least maintain what he has now. Tom has developed the physical part, he hasn’t get worse since he started the training. It stabilized. That is the reason why we went into Parkinsons and it’s called just do something everyday and we just wanted to help as many people as possible


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