Does Training The Mind have a more lasting effect on physical ability

The role of the mind in physical performance cannot be overstated. From investigating basic physical forces like gravity, to adopting new and more powerful ways of using the body, every improvement begins with the mind.

To learn effectively the mind needs to be calm. When “calm” is mentioned this does not mean lazing under a palm tree on a tropical beach, ready to doze off!

It is quite the opposite

Calm means being in the present & in a heightened state of awareness, ready to accept the next challenge. This is the Mushin state

In order to learn effectively, you must also be able to concentrate, however you can’t force yourself to concentrate. If you do, you will immediately feel tense, with a scowling face, set jaw, and tight shoulder and neck muscles, and holding your breath.

This is hard work. This the left brain being busy and getting inside your head. Most people want to be in total mental control of what they do, and find it difficult to allow their bodies to function without step-by-step instructions from the left brain.

There needs to be a balance between the initial learning, using the left brain, and then using the right brain, or Mushin, in a trusting & relaxed way. You need to fight less and flow more.

In the Mushin flow mode, it deals with the whole movement, instead of parts of the movement. It integrates the
movements and allows things to happen simultaneously.

Neurofeedback training will eventually let your right brain take over, so you trust your body and the ability of the right brain to assimilate the correct information and execute the intent. The video above is taken using the Neurovision Brain Training app.

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