Breathing With The Diaphragm

Breathing techniques or Diaphragmatic breathing are so simple that they can easily be overlooked. These are such powerful tools, yet many players have yet to buy in and take the time to perfect these skills.

Breathing has been referred to in some circles as the remote control for the brain. This is a great analogy yet a lot of golfers still do not practice this as part of their daily training regime.

Athletes that are educated about their breathing and its impact on performance, and are able to recognize and control their own arousal states, are the athletes that are going to be the most successful. They are the ones that are able to keep their wits about themselves and reach a state of “relaxed concentration.”

Using relaxation skills can improve your state of mind, both on and off the playing field if you take the proper time to learn and hone these skills.

Diaphragmatic breathing is a technique highly recommended and a style we have adopted in our FocusBand Performance Training using the Diaphragmatic breathing Performance App.

Below is a video describing how the FocusBand breathing page is used.

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