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Sports Psychology Conference – Orlando 18-21 October 2017

FocusBand founders Henry & Graham Boulton will be exhibiting at the Sports Psychology Conference in Orlando USA with their partners in this field, Marty Wuttke  & Carrie Paine from the Wuttke Institute.

Graham & Henry who are Electronic Engineers built their own 3D Body Motion System after they started T 2 Green Pty Ltd in 2002  which is now used by leading coaches including EA Tischler. This highlighted to them that just having sound biomechanics, while important, did not necessarily produce results under the pressures of tournament conditions.

FocusBand Brain Training headset partnered with Wuttke

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FocusBand Co-Founder Henry Boulton’s Podcast Interview with Steve Riggs

Henry Boulton recently has done a podcast interview with Steve Riggs of The Lesson Tree about how in motion technology is changing lives. Listen to the full interview -> CLICK HERE

Below is the Summary:

When The FocusBand Was Born and How Many Tour Players Are Using It

Henry mentioned that there are 15 athletes using the FocusBand when he was asked by Steve as to how many tour players are using the FocusBand. Henry also mentioned that they have done work with Autralian Tour, Japanese and European tour. They started working on the FocusBand back then when they are training Japanese Tour players who are doing well physically and technically almost ideal in sleep, nutrition, everything was great. In their practice round they are awesome but when it comes to the tournament, they were missing cuts and not performing to the level that they could play. So Henry and his father Graham obviously knew that there is something wrong with the process and back there is nothing really out there that can measure the brain, nothing really that can make a difference so that is when they started building the FocusBand in 2009. That is when the FocusBand was born. From there they developed algorithms called Mushin which is when you get into that right brain state and that is your ideal brain performance state.

FocusBand Brain Sensing Headband in motion used in sports for sustained performance

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Beyond Performance Sports Event

Beyond Performance Sports was launched August 19, 2017. Beyond Performance Sports is a blended training program leveraging a psychological skills training program (PST) such as self-efficacy and imagery can be integrated with neural feedback, HRV, meditation and breathing routines for player development. The blended training program integrates meditation and breathing programs to enable player to manage their cognitive and somatic anxiety and emotion regulation. The BPS program also incorporates a neural feedback technology called FocusBand

Here are the topics discussed by the BPS’ Team of Experts.

Beyond Performance Sports' Team of Expert

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7 Benefits of Digital Learning

FocusBand digital learning Fast and Focused appThe shift from print to digital is a profound transition in how human beings learn, it is more significant than the development of the printing press and its benefits are spreading much more quickly.

Like the printing press six centuries ago, this transition is transforming and spreading learning opportunities. Digital brain training system learning is powering many benefits that are changing the opportunity landscape for golf teachers.

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NeuroSkills App leads Digital Transformation

FocusBand NeuroSkills Performance App for guided pre-shot routineDigital transformation” is on the tip of every business leader’s tongue these days. The business world continues to digitize at rapid speed – breaking down barriers and innovating new business models – and organizations are either jumping on the bandwagon or getting woefully left behind. In this article you will know how FocusBand Neuroskills performance app can lead digital transformation.

All of this with the main goal of building stronger customer relationships, increasing cross-selling opportunities and focusing on scalable growth.
It’s an inevitable transformation to survive in this digital world with an always-connected customer who has discoverability, access and choice at her fingertips.

Many traditional organizations can’t meet these expectations. As a result, attackers born in the digital age can swoop in and disrupt the market through rapid delivery of digital products and services combined with advanced algorithms and full access to information

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Deepak Chopra announces FocusBand will be..

deepak chopra announces focusband brain sensing headsetDeepak Chopra announces FocusBand  via live periscope today the use of the FocusBand for sports, yoga and meditation.

Jason Goldsmith will head up the sports segment with Deepak himself doing the Meditation via FocusBand brain sensing headset.

Eddy Stern will head up the Yoga platform. Eddy is know for his involvement with many of the celebrities that have taken yoga on board

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