Breathe & Connect to Your Life Purpose

Brain Sensing Headband in motion to measure breathing

Unfortunately, it can take a life crisis like a health scare, divorce, or loss of a job to realize that we are not on the right path in our lives. This creates a fork in the road. Do we go back to the same life hoping for a different result, or do we decide to have the courage to create change in our life? And even if we want to create change, where do we start?

In order to connect to our life purpose, we have to do just one thing: breathe.

Are you aware of your breath in this moment? Many of us are not aware of our breath, until we can’t breathe anymore.
When we connect to our breathing consciously, we connect to the present moment. Only in the present moment are we truly connected to our dreams and desires.

Do you allocate a moment in your day to be still? It is as simple as remembering to breathe. Meditation has been shown to change and improve the structure and function of our brains. Meditation is medicine for the mind and healing for the soul. In meditation, we allow stillness of our minds, and this is how we connect to inspiration.

Inspiration may take the form of remembering your childhood dreams. Or perhaps it will come as guidance on a new direction to take in your personal life or career.

The FocusBand guides & prompts you through your breathing technique & exercises. Once your have learnt to breathe effectively, it’s time to apply this to meditation to gain all the benefits that have been in existence for 6000 years plus.

The FocusBand breathing performance app validates your breathing quality & meditation stillness by the use of Neurofeedback. That is, when you brain is calm, audible & visual feedback will signify you are in a calm state.

While there are thousands of videos, websites and article on breathing, below are two links to get you started on your journey.

Breathing Slower & Less: The greatest health discovery ever

Watch The Powerful Secret of Your Breath presented at TEDxFargo by Romila “Dr. Romie” Mushtaq, MD.

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