NeuroSkills App leads Digital Transformation

FocusBand NeuroSkills Performance App for guided pre-shot routineDigital transformation” is on the tip of every business leader’s tongue these days. The business world continues to digitize at rapid speed – breaking down barriers and innovating new business models – and organizations are either jumping on the bandwagon or getting woefully left behind. In this article you will know how FocusBand Neuroskills performance app can lead digital transformation.

All of this with the main goal of building stronger customer relationships, increasing cross-selling opportunities and focusing on scalable growth.
It’s an inevitable transformation to survive in this digital world with an always-connected customer who has discoverability, access and choice at her fingertips.

Many traditional organizations can’t meet these expectations. As a result, attackers born in the digital age can swoop in and disrupt the market through rapid delivery of digital products and services combined with advanced algorithms and full access to information

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Use Your Noggin – Like Jason Day

Jason Day using focusband performance apps for pre-shot routine featured at Golf DigestBy now, you’ve probably noticed Jason Day’s pre-shot routine. Day flutters his eyes open and closed behind the ball(right) while taking a deep breath before stepping into nearly every shot. It might look odd but it has a purpose. It’s the result of Day’s work in controlling brain activity using an app-based product called FocusBand.

When you wear the company’s headgear and hit a golf shot, sensors record what’s going on in your head – namely, are you focused or are you distracted?

The device was invented in 2009 by the Australian father and son team of Graham and Henry Boulton to help train athletes in all sports get into what is commonly known as the zone”, or as the Boulton’s call it, a “state of no-mindedness or Mushin”. The goal? Training your mind to perform the process of each swing without having to consciously think about the routine or the outcome as you perform it.

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Deepak Chopra announces FocusBand will be..

deepak chopra announces focusband brain sensing headsetDeepak Chopra announces FocusBand  via live periscope today the use of the FocusBand for sports, yoga and meditation.

Jason Goldsmith will head up the sports segment with Deepak himself doing the Meditation via FocusBand brain sensing headset.

Eddy Stern will head up the Yoga platform. Eddy is know for his involvement with many of the celebrities that have taken yoga on board

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“Try Out” the FocusBand App for FREE

Focusband app Options page shows Brain training apps guideThe FREE FocusBand App has a Simulator which can be used for training and evaluating initially without the FocusBand Headband. Brain signals are simulated internally which covers the majority of the Apps functionality. Most of us like to try out an App to see if we can use it.

Ironically using the Simulator along with the Getting Started instructions is the quickest way to get to know what the the FocusBand is all about.

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NeuroVision App

What is the NeuroVision performance app?

Neurovision performance app guides as an infant guide himself to stand up

This scenario is what every athlete dreams of ….

How to improve their skill “involuntarily”

Notice how infants involuntarily put their hands in place to brace their fall?

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Cloud Analytics – What’s It All About

There’s a lot of buzz about Cloud analytics in golf coaching organizations.
How can you apply Cloud analytics to improve athlete’s results and performances?

To do so means measuring & leveraging the digital data available to you – both structured and unstructured.

Unstructured data is often text data, such as reports and scorecards.

Cloud analytics is the process and technology used to make better sense of large amounts of digital data.
Cloud analytics enables you to engage with the Cloud to answer your questions, solve inconsistency, and uncover trends and insights.

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Grounding, a Brain Booster

Grounding via Focusband brain training apps to be in Mushin FeetGrounding may also boost your mood. In a first-of-its-kind study, researchers at the University of California – Irvine tested 40 adults to see if grounding could improve mood. Part of the group grounded for one hour; the others did not ground. The participants’ moods were assessed on a special scale before and after the experiment. Those who grounded reported pleasant and positive moods, while the others had no improvement. The researchers reported their findings in the April 2015 issue of Psychological Reports. Read more


meditation sessions using neurofeedback via FocusBand

Research has shown, the biological and physiological benefits of meditation.
If you suffer from physical, mental, emotional stress, or illness, this is for you. All of us at one point in time, suffer from stress, anxiety, depression, blood pressure .. you name it.

We would like to introduce you to the FocusBand. – a modern Neurofeedback system, that will assist you to meditate in no time at all.You simply focus on the avatar or the tones, with the intention to switch them on. Your brain knows that this means you are in a calm state, so it is able to learn to change states.
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FocusBand Interview with Champions Tour Player Grant Waite

Interview with Grant Waite on how he use The FocusBand for sustained performance

How long have you been using the Focusband and how do you benefit for it?

I got the Focusband 3 weeks ago and I’ve integrated it to my practice a lot. It made my practice a lot more enjoyable because now when I go to the range, I have my main stuff that I do with my golf swing, what I look for and when I put the FocusBand on, it helped me get into a state, a much calmer state, so that I’m almost like curious or aware of what I’m doing and I’m not searching for a outcome so much.

  • I’ve got this awareness of what I’m doing, special orientation goes out , I got a much better feedback on what I’m doing.
  • It’s not so stressful because I am not trying to get an outcome.
  • All I do is I place my awareness to where I want to be and then get feedback from that.
  • It is a much peaceful way of going about learning golf or making changes and more importantly also learning about yourself.
  • Like how am I going to go about this so that I am in the right state of mind.

Even though I have got my mechanics or my positioning or whatever I’m trying to do on my golf swing correct, I still got to make that perform then if I go out into the golf course and I’m thinking about of all these things I do in my golf swing, it’s much harder, it’s much stressful but if I go put Focusband on to create this awareness, create beautiful state where I’m getting ultimate feedback then I can utilize that and the outcome is less important but you are getting a better outcome.

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Putting with the FocusBand – Yves Nicollier

Yves Nicollier shows how he uses the Focusband together with FocusBand Performance App  and how it helped him on his yips and putting. He has been using it for about a week and practice with it almost everyday and it’s pretty amazing what it did especially in putting.

According to him he had the yips about maybe like five years now. Of course he tried different grips, different putters and nothing really helped him like the FocusBand did. It is easy for him because he just follows a blueprint and then his min is in a state where it’s really calm. They call it Mushin. It is being in the zone pretty much.

He showed us one of his routines. He also mentioned that FocusBand has been used on the PGA tour by 8 PGA tour player, one of them is Jason Day and obviously he is doing very well.

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