Wuttke Institute & the FocusBand

focusband and wuttke institute works together for an in home neurofeedback systemThe Wuttke Institute is currently working with FocusBand to develop new and exciting tools to expand the reach of Neurofeedback beyond the clinical environment and into the home, field and workplace. In Motion EEG™ Brainwave training

The Wuttke Institute is currently using the FocusBand for In Motion EEG™ Brainwave training in response to the ever-increasing market for on-the-go and at home brain training.

The Wuttke Institute EEG guided custom protocols will help support their clients to continue and deepen the work when they are at a distance or at home.

FocusBand empowers the user to achieve a more desirable mental state by using the real-time Avatar and Neurofeedback tools. It will guide the user through the process on how to control and reduce stress and cognitive anxiety in minutes.

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Olympia Fields CC Hosts BioSwing Dynamics/Myelinator Global Summit

FocusBand Performance App and Myelinator Summit in Olympia Fields‘Instruction Disruption’ platform integrates Myelinator, FocusBand, Smart2Move technologies

Olympia Fields, IL – June 20, 2017 – E.A. Tischler, Golf Magazine Top 100 Instructor and known to many as the Pro’s-Pro because of the work he does with Touring Professionals, including Brandt Jobe and Scott McCarron who finished 1-2 recently at the PGA Tour Champions Principal Charity Classic, will be hosting the inaugural BioSwing Dynamic™/Myelinator™ Global Summit. The Summit is designed for future thinking, business-minded teaching professionals and will be held at famed Olympia Fields CC, south of Chicago, on July 31st and August 1st, 2017. Every now and then new technology is introduced that “disrupts” the status quo, and from that new technology great advances are made in the areas of learning and performance. According to Tischler, “That is exactly what we are now experiencing with the paradigm shifting BioSwing Dynamics™/Myelinator™ Ecosystem.” Additionally, the Ecosystem offers an innovative ‘Revenue Sharing Model’ for the Golf Professional’s Business. myelinator.com/bioswing-myelinator.html

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Breathe & Connect to Your Life Purpose

Brain Sensing Headband in motion to measure breathing

Unfortunately, it can take a life crisis like a health scare, divorce, or loss of a job to realize that we are not on the right path in our lives. This creates a fork in the road. Do we go back to the same life hoping for a different result, or do we decide to have the courage to create change in our life? And even if we want to create change, where do we start?

In order to connect to our life purpose, we have to do just one thing: breathe.

Are you aware of your breath in this moment? Many of us are not aware of our breath, until we can’t breathe anymore.
When we connect to our breathing consciously, we connect to the present moment. Only in the present moment are we truly connected to our dreams and desires.

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Does Training The Mind have a more lasting effect on physical ability

The role of the mind in physical performance cannot be overstated. From investigating basic physical forces like gravity, to adopting new and more powerful ways of using the body, every improvement begins with the mind.

To learn effectively the mind needs to be calm. When “calm” is mentioned this does not mean lazing under a palm tree on a tropical beach, ready to doze off!

It is quite the opposite

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Is quality Breathing important for health & performance?

Quality breathing is essential for good health and performance which this blog is intended as a basic introduction to the principle.

FocusBand Brain Training apps for quality breathing

Most of us don’t think about our pattern of breathing because it’s automatic, and unconsciously we all continue to breathe due to our autonomic nervous system. But to what extent do we truly give ourselves what our bodies need for optimum health & performance?

It’s unrecognized by many, that the importance of maintaining health & performance is directly related to the quality of our breathing.

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FocusBand – Fast & Focused App

Performance training appsThe premise of the FocusBand is Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback training uses EEG (Electroencephalogram) which accurately measures Brainwave activity through soft woven sensors, safely placed on the surface of the head. This brainwave activity can then be monitored visually and by audio tones.

Through the brain’s sophisticated feedback system, individuals are taught, in a game-like format, to effectively exercise their brain, leading to increased awareness and differentiation of mental states.

Neurofeedback naturally empowers the brain to effortlessly develop increased control and strength, much like the effects of weight lifting to develop muscle strength or jogging to improve cardiovascular fitness.

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Are you mild, in the middle, or intense on your performance path?

Where are you on your performance path: Are you mild, in the middle, or intense?

Courtesy Marty Wuttke www.wuttkeinstitute.com

Performance App reporting to measure performance pathMild: One who is curious but not really committed to self-evolution. There is a tendency to have a lot of doubts and judgments. This type will go from teacher to teacher, seminar to seminar, searching but always maintaining some distance and never quite willing (or simply does not recognize the need) to put in the sincere effort it takes to begin (and engage in) the performance process.

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Performance Festival – Elevate your game and consciousness to new heights.

FocsuBand Brain Sensing Headband at SEC FestivalFocusBand Brain Sensing Headband at the SEC Festival. The SEC Festival is a growing community of practitioners, coaches and high performance athletes who come together to connect, grow, and support each other and learn the transformative, multi-disciplined methodology of accessing higher consciousness through sport of the SEC group.

The signature SEC Festival takes place once a year at beautiful Dominican University, just outside of San Francisco. This event gathers an extraordinary community of high performance athletes, coaches and practitioners who are driven by epic ideas of elevating global consciousness through sport-Professional athletes, coaches, neurologists, psychologists, consciousness leaders and more.

At the SEC Festival you will receive powerful training, profound consciousness shifts, flow-hacking techniques, deep connections, incredible adventures and unique opportunities to take your connection to sport into the stratosphere, so that you can elevate your game AND consciousness to new heights.

FocusBand advocate, John Ruark will be demonstrating the FocusBand at the Performance Festival

More info http://sportsenergygroup.com/

What is Neurofeedback & FocusBand?

FocusBand Brain Training System Neurofeedback training explained using gif animationFocusBand is  totally a NeuroFeedback training device.

Neurofeedback is direct training of brain function, by which the brain learns to function more efficiently. We monitor the brain’s activity from moment to moment. We display that information back to the user and we reward the brain for changing its own activity to appropriate frequency bands.

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7 Benefits of Digital Learning

FocusBand digital learning Fast and Focused appThe shift from print to digital is a profound transition in how human beings learn, it is more significant than the development of the printing press and its benefits are spreading much more quickly.

Like the printing press six centuries ago, this transition is transforming and spreading learning opportunities. Digital brain training system learning is powering many benefits that are changing the opportunity landscape for golf teachers.

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