Great Leaps of ability come about through great leaps of the Mind

When you shift the focus of your training away from abstractions like “techniques” or “style,” and to conduct an honest investigation of the simple unifying principles that govern all aspects of being a body, you may be  delighted to find that there are simple ways to improve performance that may have never even been considered.

Learn to approach your activities with a fresh outlook and discover that great leaps of ability come about through great leaps of the mind.

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Graham Boulton’s interview with Shae Giles about NeuroSelf Care

Shae and Graham have been training with the NeuroSelf Care for 4 months and she will tell us about her experiences.

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Mental Game Training by Marianna & Bobby Clampett

What do the best golfers in history have to say about the mental game?

Let’s take a look…

“Of all the hazards, fear is the worst.” – Sam Snead

“He [the golfer] must have the courage to keep trying in the face of ill luck or disappointment, and timidity to appreciate and appraise the dangers of each stroke, and to curb the desire to take chances beyond reasonable hope of success.” – Bobby Jones

“The whole secret to mastering the game of golf — and this applies to the beginner as well as the pro — is to cultivate a mental approach to the game that will enable you to shrug off the bad days, keep patient and know in your heart that sooner or later you will be back on top.” – Arnold Palmer

The list goes on and on.

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Exercise Calmness

A dry throat, sweaty palms, pacing heart – if you’re freaking out before working out, it’s time to reclaim your exercise calmness. And modern meditation with the FocusBand is the answer…

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FocusBand is interfacing their Brain Sensing Headset to Gym equipment that have a SDK (Software Development Kit)

Let’s be honest, exercise isn’t always exciting. In fact, sometimes the prospect of pushing your body through a pain barrier can be downright scary. But, unless you’ve been hiding on a remote island, you’ll know that meditation is the go-to practice for harnessing workout calm. It’s pretty popular among the pros – including the likes of Tom Daley, Novak Djokovic and Michael Phelps – and there are many more fitness experts who swear by the powers of the ancient discipline. Promising to decrease workout anxiety and help exercisers cope with pain, meditation is fast coming to the fore as a great tool in an athlete’s arsenal.

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How the NeuroSelf Care is used

NeuroSelf care app, a home system for cognitive issues

The NeuroSelf Care assists with the relief of the many cognitive disorders, and is simple enough to be used by both the clinician and the home user.

The NeuroSelf Care is a Neurofeedback device, that assesses and regulates the brain so it can perform in an optimal state.

In an optimal state, the user has clarity of mind, their immune system is strengthened and they perform to their optimum.

Let’s show you how the system is used.
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Focus on Being rather than Doing

Performance training apps

When we want to change something about ourselves, instead of “being” our actions or “becoming” a better person in some way, we merely “do” something differently, and so remain separated from the act or change that we desire. When we adopt some external process to do, rather than a new and better way to be, the body and mind remain fundamentally unchanged. What’s needed is not the addition of a new activity, but a change in the foundation from which all our actions arise. Read more

The Source of Improvement.

FocusBand Mushin Body

The FocusBand Mushin Drills trains the athlete to a more sensitive body feeling-awareness

How well we can perform physically depends largely on the accuracy and sensitivity of our senses. Not only the five senses, but, perhaps even more importantly, our “feeling-awareness” of the whole body. After all, the key to effective movement is built right into the design of each human structure. The more fully we can feel our bodies, the easier it is to live and move in accordance with this design. A finely tuned sense of our own bodies is what makes us athletes or artists or masters. Anyone can train activities— to increase ability, we need to train our sense of feeling-awareness. But what is feeling-awareness? When we hear athletes speak of being “in the zone” we might imagine a special trance-like state that makes them capable of great feats of skill.

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Sports Psychology Conference – Orlando 18-21 October 2017

FocusBand founders Henry & Graham Boulton will be exhibiting at the Sports Psychology Conference in Orlando USA with their partners in this field, Marty Wuttke  & Carrie Paine from the Wuttke Institute.

Graham & Henry who are Electronic Engineers built their own 3D Body Motion System after they started T 2 Green Pty Ltd in 2002  which is now used by leading coaches including EA Tischler. This highlighted to them that just having sound biomechanics, while important, did not necessarily produce results under the pressures of tournament conditions.

FocusBand Brain Training headset partnered with Wuttke

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What Causes Anxiety?

There are various factors that may cause anxiety disorders in a person. Some of them include medical factors, brain chemistry, genetics, substance abuse, environmental factors or a mix of these. Today, life has become so hectic and stressful that it can trigger anxiety disorders quite easily. Typically, anxiety is a reaction caused due to external forces. However, there is a possibility that some people feel anxious due to negative self-talk. Negativity and developing a habit of believing that the worst can happen is not good at all.

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How To Reduce Anxiety?

The feeling of anxiety can make you uncertain in certain situations. In fact, you may even end up doing certain undesirable things as a result of your anxiety. The temptation of focusing excessively on your future is too much to resist and you may even get entangled into endless what-if scenarios. Good news is that there are various techniques and ways to reduce your anxiety in an effective manner.

Here are some of the pertinent questions and their answers to help you in reducing your anxiety.

FocusBand NeuroLife for Performance Anxiety and Stress

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