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Beyond Performance Sports was launched August 19, 2017. Beyond Performance Sports is a blended training program leveraging a psychological skills training program (PST) such as self-efficacy and imagery can be integrated with neural feedback, HRV, meditation and breathing routines for player development. The blended training program integrates meditation and breathing programs to enable player to manage their cognitive and somatic anxiety and emotion regulation. The BPS program also incorporates a neural feedback technology called FocusBand

Here are the topics discussed by the BPS’ Team of Experts.

Beyond Performance Sports' Team of Expert

Speaker #1 Poonacha Machaiah: 7 Pillars of Performance

The goal today is kind of you give you an insight into Beyond Performance.

First of all why Beyond Performance? Why the name Beyond Performance? And why we are really excited to Kickstart this program?
The name Beyond Performance started because so much of what we do is outcome related and everything that is successful is not being attached to outcome. So our goal was to see how do we go beyond the aspect of performance and let the process play out.

The key to any program are:

  • People
  • Process
  • Platform

We wanted to bring together the best experts in the world. When we look at Beyond Performance, we look at the 7 Pillars of performance:

1. Living a life which is fulfilling, which is well being and living a life in flow. It’s not living a life in flow for a few minutes in a golf shot or tennis shot or surfing but living a life at flow. So I am really excited to have Dr. Deepak Chopra who is my mentor and I work with him very closely as part of the Chopra Center and Jiyo, a well-being platform to really provide us with inspiration for the first pillar which is Well being in flow and
2. Mind and body connection. The second pillar rely on Psychology and we have the legendary Tom House to help us with the Psychology of Sports. There are movements and things like that.
3. Biomechanics and really understanding the physiological aspect of the body. We have Dr. Peter Mckay. Once again these people are in different program of their own and this is the first we actually have put together this kind of team.
4. Process and Performance and we have Jason Goldsmith whose really worked with some of the top golfers out there, tennis stars and things like that.
5. Nutrition. Deepak talks about it. There are 22,000 human genes and 2 Million plus microbial genes so we are what we eat and we have Dr. James Machino who’s gonna be looking at the performance aspect of nutrition.

6. Pillar of creating awareness. How do we create awareness? If we have awareness that is transformation but if there is no awareness you don’t know. We call it the 5 Ps.

  • Predict performance. We can analyze a lead athlete or even a corporate executive. Tom House has worked with thousands of athletes, lead athletes over the years with his start profile, after predicting performance the next step is basically establishing a
  • Personalized performance. Today everything we do is not general program. It is actually neutro-genomics. We are looking at the actual DNA analysis, the genetic analysis and providing you with personalized nutrition program. Our fitness program is not general. This is very unique.
  • Process. The third one is coming up with a very structured process. And that is what Jason’s Focus is all about. When you have the personalize.
  • Platform. This is where we are actually looking at technology, metrics and things like that to really provide a scalable platform. So when you go back to your community, you are working with your local golf pro, you are working with your coach, your club, we can actually bring this program to the platform.
  • Participation. How can we bring about being behavior change and engagement with athletes and anybody who loves golf. So that is the 5 Ps of what we are doing in this program and this is the first time I’m super excited in curating and be working with everybody and my focus is bringing technology and tools to really bring about transformation.

7. Technology Partners – So the one biggest thing that we can all agree is as an athlete is barely looking at inflammation. Anybody been in pain? Back pain, some pain. People has been in pain sometime. Pain in the body, pain in the mind. Everybody is talking about the perfect swing, let say you had an argument with your spouse or partner,you can’t manage the inflammation which is now happening. So what he have done is we are curating something.

  • Grounding Mats. If you are playing golf barefoot, you probably will feel good walking on the grass right? Or on the beach? Our human body is like a battery, we are connected up and we are connected down. We discharge and lose some ions in the body and cause inflammation. So next thing that if you are wearing shoes all day and sitting at your work, we actually have a technology today, which are called Grounding Mats. It can go under your mattress and sleep, when you get up in the morning you will actually feel lot less chronic pain. This was actually built for athletes at tour de france when they basically cycled all day. There have patches on their body which are basically grounded to a terminal.
  • FocusBand. The second innovation that we want to showcase today is the Focusband, basically biofeedback. Deepak talks about living in flow between the frequency of certain point, 5 hertz and 8 hertz, which is called the alpha Teta boundary is basically flow state. How do we then use eeg technology? To understand when you are in a state of flow and understand the perfect shot. So this is an example of biofeedback technology.
  • Deepak Chopra Dreamweaver. We are also working with technology called the Deepak Chopra Dreamweaver. People today typically have issues with sleep. Sleep is a big challenge especially if you are thinking a lot, sleeping is a problem. So we have actually worked with some innovative technology in brain wave training using photo stimulation.
  • Meditation. And the #1 brand in the world is Meditation and that is Dr. Chopra. We have created an entire library of content. I want Dr. Chopra to share his wisdom, his book golfer enlightenment,he is the compass behind the sole program to bring the mind and body aspect. If you don’t already know he has written 85 books 22 of them are New York Times bestseller and more than that I think he is really pushing the envelope with really looking at inflammation.

The biggest aspect why came together as a team is to give back to the community. We realized that children in schools today, PE programs are going away, there is absolutely no play, technology is taking over and we need to use sports and play as a way to create being superconnected but very lonely. We have not evolved besides 10 fingers and 10 toes, we need this kind of interaction. Big component as a part of Beyond Performance sports is giving back to the community, working with schools, giving back part of this program to schools.

Speaker #2 Deepak Chopra: Performance Anxiety

One of the biggest problems that athletes have, or for any body, trying to perform is Performance Anxiety.

  • Performance anxiety interferes with performance.
  • Performance anxiety, focuses on the outcome rather than process.
  • When you are focused on the outcome, you get away with the process.

The mind is the problem.

Peak experiences are actually getting the mind out of the way.  If you are thinking too much, any athlete would tell you this that their game is ruined because of their thinking. When you talk to athletes who are used to peak performance and also peak experience whether it is Kobe Bryant.

You know many years ago in other incarnation, I was close with Joe Namath when he was the biggest star in the country. He used to tell me that

  • There were moments he would know where to go even though ball hasn’t been thrown in that direction.
  • Everything seemed to be in slow motion and it seemed like he wasn’t playing, the game was playing him.
  • That even though the crowd were making huge noise, in his mind, everything is silent.
  • There was silence because his internal dialogue had disappeared.

This is now in the 80’s. That got me very interested in flow state and I realized that:

  1. Flow state is a state where your sense of individual self is gone. It’s just you and the game are one experience.
  2. There is no sense of time.
  3. There is a richness enormous experience. Look at the richness around you and color, form, fragrance and smell. The senses are completely alive.
  4. There is total effortless spontaneity.

That is what peak performance is. Whether you are throwing a hoop or the most amazing swing that you have.

Poonacha mentioned the prerequisites for that and those has something to do with the things that he mentioned. Good sleep, not being stressed, not having arguments with your wife and spouse or whoever, staying in good condition, optimal weight. It is very interesting but weight is a beautiful sign of whether everything else are in balance. So exercise, nutrition. We know a lot about nutrition now based on looking on the microbiome of the gut. You can actually predict which food are optimal for a person, totally personalized and we want to go in that direction with our expert to personalize diet and food and sleep patterns and all these wonderful technology. Whether it is the FocusBand which allows you to see what happens in your brain when you are in peak state and peak performance and also grounding as a technology. Also while you are speaking about how this grounding matt are amazing, I think that since we can not play golf barefeet, I think we should be looking at grounding shoes and that is the next thing that is gonna happen that your shoes will ground to the earth even as you play which will decrease inflammation.

Poonacha mentioned chronic inflammation as the underlying factor in almost every chronic illness and now we know this for a fact. Only 5% of disease related gene mutation are fully penetrant. Which means the mutation which are the genetic errors causing disease are totally predictable but those are only 5% and doesn’t matter what disease you are looking at. Cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, heart disease. Only 5% genetic mutation predicted illness. The rest are related in one way or another to a chronic low grade inflammation. So by decreasing inflammation you can actually prevent these chronic illnesses. We can reverse it 95%, this is a new movement. If you look on the internet for all the data about low grade chronic inflammation, it is astounding and it is quite dis-resting that this is not handled in a massive scale. Everything from war to terrorism, to social interaction, to personal relationships is ultimately connected to inflammation in the body mind. Anger, hostility, grievances, resentments, fear they all causes inflammation. And of course the physical causes inflammation too including food that has contaminants like hormones and chemicals and so on. So using sports as an entry to understanding not only flow state is the only way to actually improve health and well being.

Some of you know that yoga and mindfulness are becoming popular in schools but there is a resistance but you know yoga, mindfulness and meditation are thought to be an eastern connected to religion. With sports you don’t have that problem. When sports specially when it’s tied to technology, there is no problem at all because there is instant feedback and you know what your brain is doing, what your body is doing and you can learn to anchor and experience the performance without worrying about the performance. Many athletes will tell you that they will remember their best shots and remember their best performance and even the memory of that will reproduce the experience. That is what we can do with the new technology. We can anchor the memory with the validation of that memory, with what’s happening with your brain, what is happening with your heart etc. So technology is going to be a big ally in this. That is why Jason Goldsmith is using the FocusBand, we are now using ground mats and there is more to come with technology.

Final words, Beyond Performance is getting the mind out of the way. No resistance, no regrets, no anticipation, just this moment as it is and that is Flow.

Speaker #3 Dr. Peter Mckay: Biomechanics

I’ve got the easy job up here. I am the mechanic. I’m the guy at the pit crew that make sure your wheels are aligned, your alignment are set and you are ready for action. I’ve got the easy job.

Over the last few years, my practice was moved into the area of Functional Neurology. We can no longer deny the fact that the physical biomechanics is not the real driving force when it comes to how you perform and how your body heals. Deepak alluded to the smell in the air. Our five senses, hearing, smelling, seeing, tasting, touching and one of the things that we’re totally unaware of, I find. I put people in my clinic in a position that they have no idea where they are, they are lost in space. We have a Navy Seal here. I’ve had a Navy seal few weeks ago, put him on a force plate and he has 70% of his weight on the right side of his body. So I preceded to put him in neutral as what I would do with most patience. He had 3 back surgeries and dislocated hip and broken neck. When I put him in a neutral position, he said “Peter, that give me sciatic right away and I said “Ok that tells me a lot” We now know that his optimum position is not neutral.

So when I look at a patient I try to figure out, what is his pattern. Everybody sitting here today has a pattern that is unique to them. So my job is awareness, I try to teach you to be aware of where you are in space and where perhaps you should be to be more functional. And that goes way beyond the physical feeling of muscle or tension or flexibility where we are looking to fitness alignment and posture, balance, mobility, stability, coordination, strength and endurance. I guarantee you most people in this audience today have enough strength to play golf. Their foundations on the other hand and the sequencing are gonna be the critical factor.

On my world, awareness first, where do we want to take this patient, how do we able to want them to form to be on a more optimum state of flow. hat I see happening on the horizon of golfer for example is that we have a survivor bias. We look at the guys up on the stage on a Saturday with a trophy and say “Look how big he is” “Look how strong he is” “Look how mentally tough he is” but what we should be looking at is the guys that are not surviving because they do not have the flow, they do not have the mental capacity to perform in that anxiety state and one of the things I love about Jason Goldsmith’s work is 2 weeks ago I walked at a bed of fire, and before I went out, I thought I was cheating because I went to my room, I put on Focusband about 3 minutes, I was right in Mushin and I said I am ready to go. I walked on a bed of fire, I walked twice. I said to the guy running it “Next year come to Delmar, we will get some power boards and take you out to get the great white sharks and he said no we will just stick to the fire walking.

Anyway I am really happy to be here today. I’m excited about this program because I think this it’s going places that we have never really gone. We can integrate with more creational teaching technique and hopefully we are gonna be an asset to them.

Speaker #4 Dr. James Machino: Nutrition

I was asked to talk about the nutritional aspect of athletic performance. There is a growing awareness that targeting traditional strategies can enhance athletic performance really on 3 levels.

Level 1: Athletes are training behind the scenes and the right nutritional strategy can help in gaining lean mass, explosive power, endurance speed, endurance are some of the qualities that we are looking for. As well as to help repair and to keep your immune system to be stronger. Athletes who train hurt often weaken immune system, they have more upper respiratory infection than non-athletes but there is way to safeguard against that so they stay healthy. They don’t want to have a cold at the day of the game or the week of the game. They don’t want to slow the training down. And also to decrease muscle inflammation and muscle damage from the workout itself. So nutritional aspect can complement fitness training in terms of the things behind the scene.

Level 2: Right nutritional strategies can significantly extend the years that the person can remain competitive. The aging process is gonna do what it does. You are going to decline your anabolic hormones overtime, testosterone, growth hormone, instance like growth factor 1 and it leads to your body break down because it’s muscle mass slowing overtime. That leads to that is the source of energy, you lose energy, you lose strength, you lose endurance but it doesn’t have to happen, in the old days you only have to take steroids which you can’t do anymore but the right nutritional strategy can help to preserve lean mass, can reverse many aspect of the aging process that is keeping the athlete from the aging process for a longer period of time. And that needs to be brought forward in a stronger way, it should start with younger athletes as well.

Level 3: The 3rd level on the aspect of nutritional intervention in the tournament day. Let’s say you walked the course today. I worked with a chef to design a breakfast and let’s say the meal will have 3 to 4 hours before game or competition. In the game of golf, you walk a 5 mile walk.

Who can tell me what the nutritional principles you would adhere to on game day 3-4 hours prior to teeing off?

Actually a combination is simple because after all you slept all night, you liver’s carbohydrates tank is half depleted and when you start walking that golf course using your body, your muscles and your tissues will used up the remaining part of that carbohydrates and your brain runs 100% on carbohydrate energy, blood sugar. And soon as it dropped up to 10% in your blood sugar, even if you are not hypoglycemic yet then your ability to concentrate and focus decreases significantly, decision making becomes much more irrational. All athletes know that what they have to do 3-4 hours before is to rebuild that liver’s carbohydrates fuel tank. It release the carbs minute by minute while you are out on the course and maintain optimal blood sugar and allow your brain into the game of golf to stay focused and to be able to concentrate.

You also do want some protein and you want protein that has all the essential amino acid and a lot of Lucien, particular amino acid because when you are out there doing any kind of work, your body will break down it’s lean mass as a source of energy, it’s breaking down muscle protein that is your structure. And if you put protein in prior, your tissues will use that protein instead it will preserve your lean mass even while you are out there doing the works so you won’t break down the lean mass and lose power overtime. You also wanna have lower fat diet before you go out and do an athletic contest because fats slows down the emptying of food from the stomach into the intestinal tracks, you don’t want to slow that process down. You want to get those nutrients in the blood stream, replenish the liver’s carbohydrates storage, get the amino acid into the bloodstream so you’ve got optimal performance ready to go 3 hours later.

30 minutes before you go out to play, would caffeine be a good idea?

For someone who reacts badly to coffee or get jitters, that will not be a great thing for you but for most of us what it will do is it will get fat cells to release fat into the bloodstream and muscles love to burn fat, muscle will burn fat if they get access to it and if it’s burning fats it will slow down your muscles carbohydrates store, the carbohydrates that you eat will be preserved, your brains can use it, your muscles can use it, your muscles while you are doing loads of motor activity will be happy to burn fat so you preserve your carbohydrates storage.

Also you know you got to have water before you go out to exercise but how much water would you have on a day like this? Fairly warm, relative humidity? It’s 20 minutes before you play you want to hyper hydrate how many fluid suggested by the international society sports nutrition?

13-20 ounces of water 20 minutes before. While you are out there walking around with golf you have this insensible type of perspiration, you don’t feel it because it is not a high intensity sport but you are still losing a half a liter to a liter of water per hour out of that golf course through evaporation, respiration, conduction, convection, radiation and as your blood volume drops down, if your total body water is down just 2% then your performance drops, your concentration drops and it can lead of course to heat frustration overtime.

While you are out of the course how many ounces of water would you have every 10-15 minutes on a day like this to stay hydrated?

5-8 ounces of water for the first 90 minutes and by then your carbohydrates stores will be depleted, your brain is gonna suffer from some carbohydrates deficit, you start using sports drinks 5-8 ounces of gatorade or powerade.

Why would you have a gatorade instead of a soft drink like coke or pepsi or mountain dew or 7 up? Why would you have a sports drink or something like that?

First reason is that those sodas have 12% carbohydrate concentration and a sports drinks are down 6.8% . If the sugar level is too high, it slows down the absorption of water into getting to the blood stream and you risk dehydration. But 6.8% concentration of carbs still allows water to be absorbent to blood stream and you get the carbohydrates pushed to maintain your carbohydrate status so that brain and muscles get access to it and it also has some sodium. Sodium helps to keep water in the body so you don’t urinate so much and lose that water volume.

When the event is over today, what would be the most ideal things to do? Should you wait 2 hours to eat or should you eat immediately after you finished the tournament? Do you eat first or do you let your body metabolize, come down to metabolic state that they need or do you eat right away?

The first 2 hours after a competitive event, your enzymes are queued to take the carbohydrates you eat and reload that glycogen fuel tank, that carbohydrates fuel tank so that when you go out tomorrow to play again, you got maximum replenishment. You also need protein to rebuild the lean mass that you broke down to support your immune system, you keep hydrating beyond the level of thirst. When you are out exercising by the way, thirst is not a good indicator of fluid needs. Most people underestimate fluid needs during an activity so you need to hydrate yourself along the way and then afterwards and also with a little more salt that you normally have to get back the sodium because there is sodium chloride lost in sweat.

One last thing, can you use alcohol to enhance your athletic performance?

What alcohol does, even though it’s fluids, it encourages hypoglycemia, it actually drive your blood sugar down by inhibiting the synthesis of glucose in your liver and it also converts the food that you just ate into fat so if you ate great carbs it will not go to your liver to become carbohydrates they go into your liver they are getting converted and they go into your fat cells and they are making you fatter, that will not help athletics performance and the 3rd thing of course is it inhibits anti diuretic hormones so you urinate more, you’re losing more water. So alcohol is a series detriment to athletic performance. Of course it is toxins damaging brain cells.

These are just some of the tidbits but normally when you have an athlete, you want to look at the entire profile, understand the sports they are playing, their blood profile, do a complete work up and then you customizes right down to the number of grams they would actually ingest and the timing and based on the type of training that they are getting. So that is customized strategy really look like in the modern area.

Speaker #5 Tom House: Physiology of Sports

Bottom line Beyond Performance is about you. The extension hasn’t been thrown out there but beyond performance is about you. We are gonna call it Personally Adaptive. There’s a million things out there but there is only one you and we are gonna crossed specifically personally adapt everything we are doing to you.

The marriage of technology and the human beings. You can’t quantify the spirit that Deepak talks about, we’re losing that so our goal when we are sitting right here as a group is to keep humanity human while technology enters into. It’s not a confrontation, it’s a collaboration and the group sitting in front of you right now is gonna make a difference in that collaboration. We’re gonna humanize technology. Is anybody knows what cliffnotes are, please write this down. Sitting is the new smoking. I’ll cut you a break today but one of the biggest issues we have in our society today is that there is too much sit and not enough do. Now with that in mind, I want you to put in your head that human beings literally could be really smart if they did not think. There is a phrase in German, your body is not dumb if you let it be smart. That is what we are gonna be after today. I’m gonna set up some cliff notes about what we are about to do and why we’re gonna do it and then we’re actually gonna warm you up, to loose you up to play golf.

How many of you swing golf to get loose? If you swing a golf club you get loose it’s like a quarterback throwing a football to get warm. The stress you put in your body when you swing the golf club and you are not warmed up to loosen up is actually wearing and tearing every one of you joints. So I’m gonna give you a whole bunch of cliff notes that’s gonna help you as much as I can with words so you can go do it physically. The greatest right we have as a human being is the right to change our mind. What’s the hardest thing for a human being to do? Change their mind. So the only way, if you’re sitting here today, is gonna change what you do is if there is a compelling reason for you to do it. That is what this group in front of you here today. We hope to be the compelling reason that you make a change in your life even if it It’s just one at a time. You’ve gotta start the process by making change and the rest wants to do what? We’ve got to overcome the inertia of nothing and start moving, take a step, just do something to change where you are right now.

Let me tell what we are gonna change. The body is a system that’s bilateral, that’s accelerated by most muscle group and decelerated. So when we go through today in our warm up.

  1. On the upper body 3 muscle group accelerate your upper body, 2 muscle group decelerate.
  2. On the bottom half, 4 muscle group accelerate your legs, 2 muscle group decelerate your legs.

We’re gonna take you through a little warm up process where we will address those ratios and you will ask yourself in a 15 minute warm up. I will prepare every cell in your body to move forward and backward functionally when you swing your golf club.

If you’re stiff and sore on any joints on the front side of your body, it’s a movement problem. We have now the capacity to what we call 3-dimensional motion analysis to address human movement for the first time and a thousand frames a second in three dimensions. The biggest issue with my generation as a coach is that we thought what we thought we were seeing and most of the important things in a golf swing, a throw, a swing, whatever it might be take place in .25 seconds, 8 things in a golf swing take place in .25 seconds, your eyes lie to you. So what we’re gonna to do today is actually in our process of going through a warm up to loosen up. We’re gonna take you through those movements slowly so your nerves can start talking to muscle when your nerves and muscle are talking efficiently then you can develop skills.

You need to understand that there are windows of Trainability as per Tom Brady. There are 4 windows of Trainability.

  • Neurological Window
  • Muscle Window
  • Skill Acquisition Window
  • Skill retention Window

As I look at this audience, most of you are in Skill Retention.

Malik, you and I had a chance to have some fun yesterday. He is not ready, so we had to repattern his nervous system with his current state of musculature to actually have them talk to each other to get the most out of his swing. He said something, went home and wrote it down after our little hands on for about 15 minutes, he walked up and said my body wants to keep going, he wrote that down. Remember that your body is not dumb if you let it be smart. 90 trillion cells in his body went “woah this is something that I either remember from my younger time or what I need to do now”.

Awareness just like what Deepak said, we don’t know what we don’t know. And most of us are wondering in a fog of what used to be. No. About now is becoming aware of what you personally adaptive need to go out and be a good golfer, a good husband, a good person in a society that is a whole lot of negative. You are in charge of you. Here is the challenge, we’re gonna give you a smorgasborge, you can pick whatever you want out of that smorgasborge but you got to pick something everyday otherwise if you are thread in a water then you are done.

This world is moving forward. I heard the youth of the world is our only hope. Right now if we can take what we have to end user families younger than 12 years old then give them what we are giving our elite elite guys at $15,000 – $20,000 a day put it to a mom and dad and access it to their cellphone, that’s how we collaborate with technology. And the thing that I’m most thrilled about sitting with these people up here, we are taking measurables, we’re quantifying them, were delivering them and defending them with science with all the body mind stuff that nobody may be able to quantify and by putting those 2 things together and getting into a young, now we got society a worldwide community that’s moving forward without the crap that we are going through right now.

That is the challenge, if you leave today and you are not better at something mentally, physically, nutritionally, biomechanically then it’s your fault. How is that for a challenge? We will still love you no matter what, we’re gonna love you a lot more when you are producing.

Speaker #6 Jason Goldsmith: Process

Tom enlightened us with underlying themes, one was awareness and the other one is process. So how many of you are frustrated when you are on the golf course? How many of you have experience fear on the golf course? How many of you are overthinking when you are on the golf course?

What happens when you are on the golf course and you have an outcome that you did not expect? One or two unwanted outcomes and then he is in his head thinking about golf swing. So it reminds me of one of my favorite quote from Albert Einstein which is “You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it” So right up until that unwanted outcome that Al had, he was playing golf and then right after he hit that error shot, he was thinking golf so I said Deepak said it earlier when he said, the object of all of these is not the “think” about playing golf, it actually just playing golf. Would you agree? Fantastic.

So what we are gonna try to do is share with you some of the technology that Henry and his dad Graham invented in Australia because they were working with some very elite golfers and for all intent and purposes, those elite golfers should be performing at the highest level and they weren’t so there is nothing available on the market that allowed us to see what was going on in the athlete’s mind while they were performing and so Focusband was born. So what FocusBand is, is that it’s a world’s first in-motion eeg system. What does that mean? Your brain emits frequency and the FocusBand receives that frequency via Bluetooth and transmits it to your phone and gives you feedback. And the fastest way to learn is NeuroFeedback.

We started about 5 years ago in the PGA tour and we are really fortunate to get hooked up with some elite level players, Jason Day being the one that really spent a lot of time with us in the beginning. We did 3 full years of witnessing every single golf tournament shot that he hit and developing this process. Through that experience working with those Elite level athletes eventually it led us to Tom House in the USC and then we were able to start working with Tom’s athletes so baseball and football players and then the tennis team got involved then basketball teams and olympic track and field and just kind of snowballed after that but if we go back a second, what FocusBand does is it gives you insight as to what’s going on in your mind, while you perform an action. Direct and immediate feedback as to were you thinking or were you doing? And that’s it. So if you know when you are thinking and you are aware of the thoughts that are causing the negative commentary and then you are aware and spending time developing awareness then we can eliminate those negative thoughts if we create a process and that’s what we did.

With Jason Day’s help, we created what we call a blueprint and I think it was the first time that a mental process was used in conjunction with physical process. I’d be happy to show you what the blueprint looks like but for golfers, what happens is you approach the ball and you want to get into the neutral state and we teach how to get your brain into the Performance state, we use the term Mushin which is Japanese for mind of no mindedness which allows you to perform at your athletic highest level. So as you approach the ball, we want to get you into this state so that when you go through your decision making process then you make a good decision.

Those of you who watch golf on tv probably recognizes Jason Day’s routine, it’s probably the most noticeable, famous golf routine on tour and that is what we have developed. It’s the process of moving his awareness in front of his eyes.

Does anybody besides Chris, the Navy seal, has an idea of why you want to move your awareness in front of your eyes? It eliminates doubt. Basically, what it does is it keeps your conscious mind full of relevant information so that when you are ready to pull the trigger, hit the shot, your awareness is on where you want it to be on.

If we all take a second, I want you to pick something out in front of you on the table like a cup or a glass of water or something on the table in front of you and that’s gonna represent the ball and then if you are a right handed golfer, I want you to look to your left and pick out something around you that’s gonna represent the target that you’re gonna hit an imaginary ball to. I want everybody to start with their eyes and awareness on the target. Eyes and awareness on the target. I want you to leave your eyes on the target and move your awareness only to the ball, now let your eyes go to the ball, now leave your eyes on the ball and move your awareness to the target, now let your eyes go to the target, leave your eyes there, awareness to the ball, eyes to the ball. Everybody close their eyes, imagine where that target is and space and point your finger to that target, now check yourself, might be useful for golf.

What did that do? That kept your conscious mind occupied but you knew exactly where your target was and space. So every thing that we are doing, we’re trying to create visuals that allow your body to create sensations to go back to what Tom was talking about earlier to allow you to be the best athlete that you can be. Take the conscious mind that has no business involve in the action, out of the equation because like what Al said, that is the only thing that changes his golf game is he starts to think about it. So if the conscious mind is out of the equation then you can perform. That is what FocusBand does, it allows you to create a state that you can train to using NeuroFeedback so that we can create a process that allows you to be the best athlete.

Watch the whole discussion here: and

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