Are you mild, in the middle, or intense on your performance path?

Where are you on your performance path: Are you mild, in the middle, or intense?

Courtesy Marty Wuttke

Performance App reporting to measure performance pathMild: One who is curious but not really committed to self-evolution. There is a tendency to have a lot of doubts and judgments. This type will go from teacher to teacher, seminar to seminar, searching but always maintaining some distance and never quite willing (or simply does not recognize the need) to put in the sincere effort it takes to begin (and engage in) the performance process.

Middle: One who has found a teaching but still puts it in ‘second place’ to all of one’s priorities in life. This type recognizes the need for a personal program of self-discipline, but is not yet able to embrace this truth as a personal realization. It remains more of an obligation often motivated more from the perspective of ‘what I should be doing’.

Intense: One who fully recognizes the meaning and purpose of sustained performance: Therefore, one arranges one’s life around one’s performance training curriculum rather than trying to ‘fit time in’ for one’s training. At this level one is a ‘believer’ of a Performance training system’.
A believer is one who engages in a systematic program of action whose conscious intent is to achieve complete awakening and self-realization… Yes !

No matter where we find ourselves on the performance scale, growth is facilitated and accelerated when we make a commitment to:

  1. Believe in our training curriculum each & every day.
  2. Study sources of inspirational higher knowledge.
  3. Have fun! Enjoy life! and avoid being exposed to sensational, superficial and useless “quick fixes”

Most important of all is: no one can walk our path for us. It is up to each one, individually, to make the effort to dedicate him – or herself to evolving to a higher state of sustained performance. The Focusband has a Performance Apps reporting feature to monitor your progress.

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