Deepak Chopra announces FocusBand will be..

deepak chopra announces focusband brain sensing headsetDeepak Chopra announces FocusBand  via live periscope today the use of the FocusBand for sports, yoga and meditation.

Jason Goldsmith will head up the sports segment with Deepak himself doing the Meditation via FocusBand brain sensing headset.

Eddy Stern will head up the Yoga platform. Eddy is know for his involvement with many of the celebrities that have taken yoga on board

The FocusBand will enable Deepak’s clients to now quantify and validate their training sessions also.
The Cloud monitors their progress and they can download the results overtime.

Breathing is one of the key elements Deepak teaches therefore the FocusBand will be able to train the client as a result the clients can find a comfortable breathing rhythm which they can train with.

Also sustained breathing rhythms reduce HRV ( Heart Rate Variability) a major factor to consider for a healthy body and brain.

Deepak stated that the three platforms ( sport, yoga and meditation) will be rolled out over the next moth via their platform

You can watch the full video here:


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