FocusBand – Fast & Focused App

The premise of the FocusBand is Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback training uses EEG (Electroencephalogram) which accurately measures Brainwave activity through soft woven sensors, safely placed on the surface of the head. This brainwave activity can then be monitored visually and by audio tones.

Through the brain’s sophisticated feedback system, individuals are taught, in a game-like format, to effectively exercise their brain, leading to increased awareness and differentiation of mental states.

Neurofeedback naturally empowers the brain to effortlessly develop increased control and strength, much like the effects of weight lifting to develop muscle strength or jogging to improve cardiovascular fitness.

Games & Animation

To make this feedback training more engaging, we have developed a game using Formula One cars on a race track.
Our Fast and Focused app tests and trains your ability to stay Focused in stressful situations.

When paired with a FocusBand Headset, your level of Focus is displayed on the FocusBand avatar, while you attempt to avoid other racers as well as staying fueled up!

The game starts easy as you accumulate miles and fuel, but the longer game goes, the pace and stress increases.
By staying Focused you are rewarded, as your miles are multiplied.
So stay Focused and fueled up for the highest score possible.


  • Test your ability to stay Focused while under pressure
  • Control your racer either by device accelerometer or screen taps.
  • Demonstration mode to try out the game without a FocusBand
  • Saves Highest Score

The Fast & Focused App is available from the App Store

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