FocusBand Interview with Champions Tour Player Grant Waite

How long have you been using the Focusband and how do you benefit for it?

I got the Focusband 3 weeks ago and I’ve integrated it to my practice a lot. It made my practice a lot more enjoyable because now when I go to the range, I have my main stuff that I do with my golf swing, what I look for and when I put the FocusBand on, it helped me get into a state, a much calmer state, so that I’m almost like curious or aware of what I’m doing and I’m not searching for a outcome so much.

  • I’ve got this awareness of what I’m doing, special orientation goes out , I got a much better feedback on what I’m doing.
  • It’s not so stressful because I am not trying to get an outcome.
  • All I do is I place my awareness to where I want to be and then get feedback from that.
  • It is a much peaceful way of going about learning golf or making changes and more importantly also learning about yourself.
  • Like how am I going to go about this so that I am in the right state of mind.

Even though I have got my mechanics or my positioning or whatever I’m trying to do on my golf swing correct, I still got to make that perform then if I go out into the golf course and I’m thinking about of all these things I do in my golf swing, it’s much harder, it’s much stressful but if I go put Focusband on to create this awareness, create beautiful state where I’m getting ultimate feedback then I can utilize that and the outcome is less important but you are getting a better outcome.

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Putting with the FocusBand – Yves Nicollier

Yves Nicollier shows how he uses the Focusband and how it helped him on his yips and putting. He has been using it for about a week and practice with it almost everyday and it’s pretty amazing what it did especially in putting.

According to him he had the yips about maybe like five years now. Of course he tried different grips, different putters and nothing really helped him like the FocusBand did. It is easy for him because he just follows a blueprint and then his min is in a state where it’s really calm. They call it Mushin. It is being in the zone pretty much.

He showed us one of his routines. He also mentioned that FocusBand has been used on the PGA tour by 8 PGA tour player, one of them is Jason Day and obviously he is doing very well.

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