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Breathing With The Diaphragm

Breathing techniques or Diaphragmatic breathing are so simple that they can easily be overlooked. These are such powerful tools, yet many players have yet to buy in and take the time to perfect these skills.

Breathing has been referred to in some circles as the remote control for the brain. This is a great analogy yet a lot of golfers still do not practice this as part of their daily training regime.

Athletes that are educated about their breathing and its impact on performance, and are able to recognize and control their own arousal states, are the athletes that are going to be the most successful. They are the ones that are able to keep their wits about themselves and reach a state of “relaxed concentration.”

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Breathe & Connect to Your Life Purpose

Brain Sensing Headband in motion to measure breathing

Unfortunately, it can take a life crisis like a health scare, divorce, or loss of a job to realize that we are not on the right path in our lives. This creates a fork in the road. Do we go back to the same life hoping for a different result, or do we decide to have the courage to create change in our life? And even if we want to create change, where do we start?

In order to connect to our life purpose, we have to do just one thing: breathe.

Are you aware of your breath in this moment? Many of us are not aware of our breath, until we can’t breathe anymore.
When we connect to our breathing consciously, we connect to the present moment. Only in the present moment are we truly connected to our dreams and desires.

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Is quality Breathing important for health & performance?

Quality breathing is essential for good health and performance which this blog is intended as a basic introduction to the principle.

FocusBand Brain Training apps for quality breathing

Most of us don’t think about our pattern of breathing because it’s automatic, and unconsciously we all continue to breathe due to our autonomic nervous system. But to what extent do we truly give ourselves what our bodies need for optimum health & performance?

It’s unrecognized by many, that the importance of maintaining health & performance is directly related to the quality of our breathing.

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