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FocusBand – Fast & Focused App

The premise of the FocusBand is Neurofeedback Neurofeedback training uses EEG (Electroencephalogram) which accurately measures Brainwave activity through soft woven sensors, safely placed on the surface of the head. This brainwave activity can then be monitored visually and by audio tones. Through the brain’s sophisticated feedback system, individuals are taught, in a game-like format, to […]

Performance Festival – Elevate your game and consciousness to new heights.

The SEC Festival is a growing community of practitioners, coaches and high performance athletes who come together to connect, grow, and support each other and learn the transformative, multi-disciplined methodology of accessing higher consciousness through sport of the SEC group. The signature SEC Festival takes place once a year at beautiful Dominican University, just outside […]

What is Neurofeedback & FocusBand?

FocusBand is  totally a NeuroFeedback training device. Neurofeedback is direct training of brain function, by which the brain learns to function more efficiently. We monitor the brain’s activity from moment to moment. We display that information back to the user and we reward the brain for changing its own activity to appropriate frequency bands.

7 Benefits of Digital Learning

The shift from print to digital is a profound transition in how human beings learn, it is more significant than the development of the printing press and its benefits are spreading much more quickly. Like the printing press six centuries ago, this transition is transforming and spreading learning opportunities. Digital learning is powering many benefits […]

NeuroSkills App leads Digital Transformation

Digital transformation” is on the tip of every business leader’s tongue these days. The business world continues to digitize at rapid speed – breaking down barriers and innovating new business models – and organizations are either jumping on the bandwagon or getting woefully left behind. In this article you will know how FocusBand Neuroskills app […]

Use Your Noggin – Like Jason Day

By now, you’ve probably noticed Jason Day’s pre-shot routine. Day flutters his eyes open and closed behind the ball(right) while taking a deep breath before stepping into nearly every shot. It might look odd but it has a purpose. It’s the result of Day’s work in controlling brain activity using an app-based product called FocusBand. […]

Deepak Chopra announces FocusBand will be ..

Deepak Chopra announces FocusBand  via live periscope today the use of the FocusBand for sports, yoga and meditation. Jason Goldsmith will head up the sports segment with Deepak himself doing the Meditation. Eddy Stern will head up the Yoga platform. Eddy is know for his involvement with many of the celebrities that have taken yoga […]

“Try Out” the FocusBand App for FREE

Most of us like to try out an App to see if we can use it. The FREE FocusBand App has a Simulator which can be used for training and evaluating initially without the FocusBand Headband. Brain signals are simulated internally which covers the majority of the Apps functionality Ironically using the Simulator along with […]

NeuroVision App

What is the NeuroVision app? Here is a simple explanation.. This scenario is what every athlete dreams of …. How to improve their skill “involuntarily” Notice how infants involuntarily put their hands in place to brace their fall?